While Todd’s passion for technology helped fuel his creation of ICS Solutions, in that same year his love for hunting and the outdoors helped fuel the creation of what is now HuntingNet.com. Started as WhitetailDeer.com in 1995, Todd found yet another way to build a successful business around not just one, but two things he is passionate about, computers and technology and hunting. Although as Todd will readily admit, it wasn’t easy.

During the mid nineties the Internet was just starting to become popular. Computers were still relatively expensive and most people were just starting to get an Internet connection in their home. In fact, most people still didn’t even have an e-mail address or an Internet connection at the workplace. Print advertising ruled the hunting industry and many people wouldn’t give Todd the time of day, but he was determined to succeed and his love for both hunting and technology kept pushing him forward.

More than 13 years later HuntingNet.com has become the Internet’s largest hunting website with more than 450,000 visitors each month. Todd’s vision of a hunting community that is powered by hunters just like him has finally been realized as the hunting industry has finally taken notice. More and more hunters are taking to the Internet every day to get their information and because of Todd’s entrepreneurial spirit, HuntingNet.com is the place they they turned to.

13 years later Todd had the opportunity to sell HuntingNet.com and he decided the time was right. Since then Todd has continued developing more websites that will allow hunters to find more specific information about their hunting interests, which just so happen to be those that he himself is passionate about. Todd has started his new flagship website Bowhunting.com, which focuses on selling bowhunting gear and accessories.


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